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  • Step-by-Step: Add Client To Active Directory Domain – Part 2

    This article will guide users on how to add a client to an Active Directory Domain Services. For server-sided configuration, see Part 1. Connect Client To Domain Open Network and Sharing Center. Click Change adapter settings on the left. Right-click on Local Area Connection, select Properties. In the Local Area Connection Properties window, select Internet […]

  • Enabling WEB SCADA interface for Wonderware

    It’s common to know that traditional SCADA can be very pricey when you need to add a little features here and there upon customers’ request. In case you need to work on any traditional SCADA and wish to incorporate some beautiful and affordable features in IGX, you could just use Web Client to house IGX […]

  • How to upgrade SCADA without disruption?

    Ecava IGX comes with two types of distribution, one is standard MSI installer, added since 2014 is another portable package which you can run out of the box. This mean you can unzip the distribution and carry around in your USB drive or access from virtually anywhere via fast network, as well as many many […]

  • SCADA Trending Pen with Dynamic Tag

    Ecava IGX SCADA allows you to dynamically turn on/off a pen from display during run-time. And there’s no restriction in any form except your database size. Obviously we don’t save all tags to avoid your database grows to reach disk limit in no time. However, you may have some situations that want to allow operator […]

  • The must-have tool to site for SCADA System Integrators

    In the world of industrial automation, there are situations where System Integrators are required to backup the entire system and reinstall it back somewhere. Imagine if you can clone the entire hard disk, and just restore it to your destination drive identically. Forget about needing to install and setup everything again, that could make you […]

  • How to make Portable SCADA to run on flash drive?

    Portable edition means no installation needed. This is very common in the old days, but not anymore especially for large and complex program like SCADA. In fact, there are many SCADA out there which requires complicated installation processes, such that to have the list of prerequisites installed first, then follow by core engine, front-end, etc. […]

  • How to Launch Web Browsers in Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode is essential in industrial automation, because SCADA/HMI are normally presented in kiosk mode. By doing so the whole package shall appear more “panel” like instead of an ordinary computer browser. But other than application in automation projects, kiosk mode is widely used by system administrators to provide the browser in limited/restricted user access. […]

  • Integrate Google Maps in your SCADA

    Imagine you need your HMI to display the map of your process plants across the world, so that you can control / monitor them via simply clicking on their map locations on screen. Although you can always design the HMI with a stilled map image and labels, but it is always better if you can […]

  • How to Install Clonezilla Live in a Bootable media

    Clonezilla Live is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program for single machine. Basically it is a useful tool to perform disk backup and recovery. It is a bootable GNU/Linux distribution for both x86 or amd64 based computers. One of the best things about Clonezilla is despite it is an open sourced tool, you can use […]

  • SCADA Buying Guide

    There are many concerns for buyer when looking for a SCADA. Here’s the SCADA buying guide with the top 10 considerations that you should aware: It’s a real web SCADA and not traditional SCADA. It should allows you to view the mimic without needing you to download, preinstall, deploy some thick client. The world is […]

  • Unlimited Tag SCADA

    Unlimited tag SCADA pricing is often being used for costing purpose, but also abused by some vendors as sales gimmick. What’s the catch for “unlimited”? You better be alert whenever someone offered you with “unlimited of this and that”, because that could well mean “untested of this and that. We often receive inquiries asking about […]

  • Leanest SCADA System

    The world is growing smaller with the daily development of technologies. It can be assumed that everyone is keen on any small and light gadgets in these days. It is true that industrial automation is more necessarily meant for heavy operation, but as the world has stepped into the machine-driven era, even the simple operation […]

  • DCOM Settings for SCADA OPC Driver

    It can be tricky to setup OPC configuration, so our system engineer B.G. is sharing out his personal written short instructions with you. Anyhow it’s pretty complete like a guideline though. You may call this a check list, nevertheless, the length of the post shows the complexity of DCOM setting for SCADA application. DCOM Open […]

  • How do we pronounce IntegraXor?

    We were asked for too many times so it’s better we write a post about this topic. Before answering this question, we need to explain why this SCADA was named IntegraXor. When we started in year 2000, we were calling this SCADA system as Integrator, because firstly it was meant for System Integrator, and then the […]

  • How to speed up Modbus communication?

    How to speed up Modbus communication? Modbus communication for both Serial and TCP/IP can be optimized for speed by grouping same type of tags with contiguous I/O address. The goal is to have as little batch as possible to reduce turn around time on communication transaction. It’s straightforward for Boolean data type, what’s concerning is […]