Month: May 2011

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4090 dated 30 May 2011 Change Log

    User Security is now comes with Sectioned Security Control, the best thing is it works in conjunction with existing Leveled Security Control. They can work separately or both combined. Leveled Security Control is a plant wide implementation, Sectioned Security Control is being added on top so that one big plant can be splitted into several […]

  • Security Issue DLL Hijacking Vulnerability Note

    HD Moore of Metasploit published a blog about Exploiting DLL Hijacking Flaws on Sunday, August 22, 2010, and then almost everyone who use Windows are at risk, because you can easily spot one familiar application in the long list of applications that prone for this vulnerability, and IntegraXor is also affected for DLL Hijacking vulnerability. […]

  • How to Get Faster Response from Technical Support

    When you encounter any problem during development, there are few things that you could do to elaborate your problem before contacting technical support. One is producing screenshots, second is to reproduce the problem in a new project and send the test case over. There are advantages by attempting to reproduce the problem in a new […]

  • Optimize Inkscape SVG files

    SVG graphic files that produced by Inkscape can be further optimized by removing some editing data and spaces which will be ignored by or have less impact to the targeted medium, most of the time, browsers. Now you may do that easily by choosing “Optimized SVG” file type upon “Save As” (Ctrl+Shift+S). Another pop up […]

  • Browsers always preserves aspect ratio when resizing raster image in SVG

    It seems that all modern browsers are ignoring the non-proportioned scaling for raster image in SVG file. If you use Inkscape to resize an embeded/linked raster image in an SVG file, you will find that all browsers will render the raster image in the same aspect/dimention ratio as compare to the original image. Apparently only […]

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4080 dated 09 May 2011 Change Log

    It has been quite a while since the last official release, lots of works have been done on Alarm output. + Added option to set email encoding in “UTF-8” or “US-ASCII”. + Added email subject (title) which is customizable based on tokenized string like screen shot. + Allow two types of alarm messages, one for […]