The IntegraXor SCADA is a product of Ecava Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian Private Limited corporation. Ecava is recognised by the government with an MSC Malaysia-status certification, and MSC R&D Grant Scheme, both of which Ecava leverages on to increase R&D efforts. Ecava’s Berlin subsidiary ensures that IntegraXor undergoes rigorous testing through German standards, and provides support for users in the region.

Here’s a simulated temperature from office demo: °C. Do check out our actual interactive SCADA DEMO, no registration needed.

K.P. Lee

Supporting sales call most of the time. Chief Email Officer.

B.G. Teow
Service Manager

He's most perseverance to commission any kind or any scale of tough project.

C.T. Yong
Project Engineer

She provided the shortest and most efficient answer to our interview question during technical screening.

Thomas Nehring
Marketing Consultant

Very inspiring marketing Guru.

Project Manager

Super attentive and persistent, can grab user's requirement accurately.

Project Engineer

Get the peace of mind by letting him manage your project

WONG Foot Yow

The master of account and finance.

Support Manager

He produced most of the driver beside technical support, his forehead can frown to hold a few toothpicks when solving the bits and bytes issues.

M.H. Lim

He can solve an issue for others by just listening to their coffee chat.

Stefan Schmoranzer
Technical Consultant

A very typical super detail German engineer.

QI LinHao
Project Manager

Serious, detail, and possess superior project analytical skill.


Sincere and humble, sky is his limit


>20 years of coding experience.

Y.C. Son
Product Manager

He has the same family name as the author of Art of War. Beside good in strategy, he can replay what you said to him few months back.


He's been churning out features after features like a coding machine.

Lina Ng
Legal Council

LL.M, LL.B (HONS.)(MALAYA) Great helper for admin works besides legal matters.

Graphic Designer

He just know how to impress people.

Project Manager

He can do all wonders with SAGE animation, keep proving imagination is the limitation.

Sales Engineer

He has recently joined sales team, but he was the main developer of front-end.

Khanh Ly Nguyen
Marketing Executive

Sweet Vietnamese girl who's good in sweet campaigns.

Chen Jiang
Ecava China Founder

Extremely hard working, energetic, honest and respectful to the parents.


We haven't known what he cannot solve.


Best of both worlds that waste no time and resources

Best of both worlds is a figure of speech explaining a situation where getting the pros from two scenarios without compromising to the cons. It’s very common that many willing to settle with the cons when accepting pros. This is where Ecava strives hard to offer both pros in the solution to you, and many times, this needs our team to work very hard and be very innovative in order to deliver. Moreover, we believe that engineering should improve efficiency and help preserve resources.


Make life better with innovation. Do work faster with automation.

Our corporate purpose consist of four core elements. 1. Live better 2. Innovation 3. Work Faster 4. Automation.

We strongly believe engineering is to help improving life. Moreover, tremendous things can happen with innovation. And again we are obsessed to improve efficiency wherever it could, and automation is really what we are doing.