Ecava IntegraXor is the easy SCADA designed for your easy usage, it can save your valuable time and effort in getting your project up and running.

Andrea Florian

I’m satisfied with the software (which is) simple to use in few days… It’s quite different than traditional scada as winnCC, factory talk….and (which) i always have very limited time to complete the project.

  • Install and Run in No Time

    Ecava IntegraXor allows you to install and run in only a few clicks’ time. Unlike some traditional  SCADA, there is only one single installation required to get the entire big system running.

    • One Minute Installation: You are only required to click and execute one single file, and the installation can be completed in just one minute.
    • Launch DEMO After Install: You can immediately launch and run IGX DEMO project right after installation. Have all the freedom to edit the project and get some hands on experience.

  • Achieve More with Less Work

    Ecava IntegraXor web SCADA is built in with native web server that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards. But don’t worry, there is no extra knowledge required from you in order to enjoy the stunning outcome.

    • Absolutely ZERO plugin: No Java applet, no Flash player, absolutely NO plugin installation required.
    • No Coding Required: You don’t need to know any coding to enjoy our easy SCADA, we had everything built in for you to get the stunning HMI.