Ecava IntegraXor is secure SCADA designed for your operation critical and data sensitive environment with high security measures and implementations. As far as the SCADA security concern, the system architecture is designed according to OWASP recommendations and best practices.

  • Secure Connection

    Ecava IntegraXor enhances your SCADA security by applying secure web connection, this is the necessary step to take when your SCADA can now plug to the internet.

    • HTTPS Security: HTTPS is a more secure way for a browser and a web server to communicate.
    • SSL Encryption: We uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link will ensure your data communication between between web browser and server stays private and protected.

  • Proactive Security Concern

    Ecava IntegraXor have been giving credits to all the security researchers who keep us notified and inspired us to implement all the precautions to strengthen the security.

    • Prompt Verification: We have been collaborating with US Cert to verify all known vulnerabilities promptly.

  • Administration Restrictions

    Ecava IGX is equipped with several SCADA security control tasks and implementation to ensure safe and sound operation.

    • Access Right: We forbid attackers to distribute malicious project files by restricting program files and executables which must be authorized by system admin.
    • Remote Access Restriction: Ecava IntegraXor has implemented sophisticated User Access control, which allows the system administrator to assign each operator to one or more User Groups according to the user’s role in the organization.