We wish to say Thank You to the following contributors who have help to make IntegraXor SCADA safer & stable. One organization that we didn’t list but deserve our biggest thanks is US-CERT.

Credit for Security Researchers

Time Name Scope Link
2010-10-07 Jeremy Brown Backend @jeremybrown
2010-12-22 Luigi Auriemma Front-end http://aluigi.altervista.org/
2010-12-27 Dan Rosenberg Backend Virtual Security Research
2010-12-22 Mister Teatime Backend
2011-04-14 Anonymous Front-end
2012-12-13 Andrew Brooks Backend ANDREW_BROOKS(BLOG)
2013-07-14 @nosec007 Frontend nosec007.blogspot.com
2013-07-14 Atulkumar Hariba Shedage Commerce @atul_shedage
2013-07-15 Kamil Sevi Forum @kamilsevi
2013-07-15 Jay Turla Blog Infosec Institute
2013-07-16 Kamil Sevi Blog @kamilsevi
2013-07-21 Kaveh Ghaemmaghami Project Editor @coolkaveh
2013-07-22 Rafay Baloch Blog http://www.rafayhackingarticles.net
2013-07-22 John Carroll Frontend @n0x00
2013-07-23 Siddhesh Gawde Blog pen3t3r
2013-07-23 Ajay Singh Negi & Prashants Negi Forum @_prashantnegi
2013-07-23 Harsha Vardhan Boppana Forum @hvboppana
2013-07-30 Ashish Kamble Front-end & Backend Qualys
2013-08-15 Kope Front-end & Backend
2013-11-07 Alphazorx aka technically.screwed Backend ZDI
2013-11-14 Omer Iqbal Blog @omerbutt26
2014-04-01 Andrea Micalizzi aka rgod Backend Retrogod
2015-01-30 Praveen Darshanam Backend Linkedin
2015-08-28 Marcus Richerson Backend San Diego State University
2016-08-12 John Carroll Backend @n0x00
2017-01-31 Brian Gorenc and Juan Pablo Lopez Backend Trend Micro
2017-06-07 Brian Martin Backend Tenable Security
2017-12-20 Steven Seeley Backend Source Incite
Michael DePlante and Brad Taylor Zero Day Initiative

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