Are you a home user or student?

If you are looking for a low price SCADA system, it may be because of one or more of the following reasons.

  • Small, Micro or Nano Devices

    Many systems use small PLCs, Micros and even Nano PLCs. They don’t need DCS systems or SCADA systems with MES abilities. They need a simple and effective low price SCADA system.

  • Tight Budget

    A small budget may have been allocated in the beginning. Or unexpected expenses drive down the budget. Or mismatch / missed requirement calls for adding an unplanned SCADA system.

  • Remote or Unmanned

    Remote or unmanned systems do not need an operator watching it 24×7. A small low price SCADA system with web capabilities and database storage are most suited.

  • Sharing Small Datasets

    For production purposes, only some key data are frequently required. But engineers don’t need a large enterprise system to extract a small set of data from an isolated process. A small low price SCADA system for data collection and sharing with manufacturing systems will be more effective.

low price SCADA

What IGX Lite Offers?

Ecava IGX Lite is the best low price SCADA system for student and personal use.

  • Low Price

    Our Ecava IGX Lite SCADA system starts from USD 99.00 for 32 I/Os server runtime license. You get incredible value for that low price!

  • Device Connectivity

    For a single IGX Lite system, you can buy 32, 64 or 128 I/Os of each of our protocols. Meaning you can poll up to 128 Modbus device points AND 128 OPC client points AND write to 128 SQL Server data points.

  • Built-in Features

    Alarms notification included. Trending charts included. Graphics and animation included. User management with password included. Developer tools included. All these key features are included in our low price IGX Lite SCADA system runtime license.

  • Easy to Use

    A distinctive feature of Ecava IGX is ease of use. We document our help and tutorial in 1-2-3 steps for easy understanding and implementation. Download a copy and give it a try!

  • Web Connectivity

    IGX Lite is a low price SCADA system built for WEB. Use a standard web browser for viewing. Remote clients can be added to the standard runtime license at a very low price.

Ecava IGX SCADA Track Record

Ecava was established in 2005 and Ecava IGX can be found in over 50 countries.

Ecava IGX is currently used in manufacturing, energy and power, oil & gas, water & wastewater, chemical & pharmaceuticals, warehousing & logistics, building automation, food & beverage, mining, transportation and utilities.


  • The reasons for choosing IntegraXor are more than one. The main is that we need a web server application 'light' in term of data exchange because we work upon satellite transmissions. We tested several SCADA systems and it seems that IGX is the one that gives the best results.

    Nicola Camorali - Mediterranea di Navigazione S.p.A.; Italy
  • The older hardware was a good reference of how few resources are needed for Integraxor to run and be usable.

    Tanel Truman; Estonia
  • Things are looking very promising and our developers like your concept and the Integraxor software.

    Frits Makkinga - Movares Nederland B.V.; Netherlands
  • Thanks for the support. Now IGX has been working very nicely in every sites!

    Ilpo Hirvasniemi - HI Automation Oy; Finland
  • Up to now we have installed several IGX projects with satisfactory results!

    Luciano Zanollo - FAZA ingeniería SRL; Argentina
  • Based on the experience from buying the software online and help from the support team about technical queries, I could not have asked for any better service than what I have received.

    Rajesh Gupta - Science & Technology Facilities Council; U.K.
  • Already installed your program and seems to have a friendly interface even for people who are not very accustomed to mess with this genre of programs.

    Diogo Pinho - Tecnobento, lda; Portugal
  • Incredible, beautiful, understandable, professional! Your product IntegraXor is very high quality! you are very talented people.

    Danko Dima - International Aluminum Company; Russia
  • It's a great product. I've relied on it for over a year now and recommend it to anyone needing a solid SCADA.

    David Cowell - Grass Valley; U.S.
  • Firstly, it’s look simple and effective, furthermore it’s easy for implementation with our projects.

    Daniel Cáncer - Mexico
  • ... my new dear toy integraXor. I must say it again: I LIKE THIS SOFTWARE. It is intuitive, easy to work with.

    Marius Buhociu - Siselec; Romania
  • So far honestly I think they have near on the best support of all the SCADAs i have worked with.

    Melissa Frahn - CHS Group; Australia
  • Let me first congratulates about your great HMI system. It's such a easy to learn and highest interactive HMI that we have meet.

    Erdet Nasufi; Republic of Serbia
  • So far my experience with Integraxor has been one of the best I've had with any software vendor. Very easy to implement, very user friendly, no hiccups with programming, licensing, or integration. I love the fact that it's all in one, no separate OPC server programs needed. If you guys ever need a reference in the United States, just let me know.

    Andy Jones - Lakefront Brewery Inc.; U.S.
  • We are very content with the software we bought 2 months ago. Now we want to use the software on multiple places.

    Alex Otter - Access Innovations bv; Netherlands
  • We have tried out your SCADA Software with our Instruments and we are very well satisfied with its performance.

    Laxman Patil - Micro Systems & Controls; India

Test-drive IGX Lite

With a small budget for a low price SCADA, there’s little room to make mistakes.

Fortunately, you can trial Ecava IGX Lite SCADA system with your devices before purchasing. Our standard demo is for 2 hours, you can extend the demo period to 7 (seven) days to fully test the system for a small price of USD 14.00.

Only USD 14.00 to get a peace of mind.

Now that is a bargain!

Flexible, Versatile & Modular