Ecava IGX Makes Operator’s Life Easier at Sugar Mill Plant

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How It Started

Sugar has been one of the most essential food ingredients in our daily lives since the old time. Thus, raw sugar production has always been the fundamental operation in food industry. MITR KASETR Uthaithani Industry Co. Ltd is the organization in Thailand whom is well known for their sugar production.

JP Progress Engineering Co. Ltd (JPPE) is the selected company to handle the MKU project mill plant for raw sugar production automation. JPPE is an engineering company based in Thailand, they provide industrial automation solution as well as instrumentation. This MKU project certainly includes SCADA software to integrate with all the devices, and they have equipped Ecava IGX to perform the job.

Mill Plant for Raw Sugar Production

Ecava IGX SCADA sugar mill plant automation
The mill plant for raw sugar production

Basically, this project’s objective is to automate the raw sugar production operation in the mill plant. Although the processes are already done by machines, but operators are still required to control the machines manually.

So, JPPE implemented all the automation modules by installing all the required instruments, and then connecting everything together with Ecava IGX. In other words, eventually the control and monitor job can be all done via SCADA/HMI screens on PC, as well as on the touch screen panel.

Ecava IGX SCADA sugar mill plant automation
Imagine operators have to control and monitor these machines manually, it will be a tough condition for them to do their daily jobs.

Ecava IGX SCADA sugar mill plant automation HMI
By implementing automation to the mill plant, operators can now easily control and monitor the operation via SCADA/HMI screens from the PC in the control room.

This can make operators’ daily routine job easier, for they no longer require to walk around the mill plant to control the machines, and can carry out other work at the same time (multi tasking). As a result, this will help boosting the efficiency of the entire production site.

The Hardware / Software:

Server Machine: ARBOR Industrial PC
OS: Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7

Sensors: Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, power meters, speed controller, etc.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers): Omron CJ2H
HMI Touch Screen Display: Proface
Protocol: Omron Fins protocol

IO tags: 128 tags

Database: Microsoft SQL Server Express

Have a look at Ecava IGX SCADA online web demo for different industries or download your free copy now to get started.

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