Ecava IntegraXor is a 100% pure web based SCADA, but unlike other web SCADA, it came with the supplementary feature to further plug your web SCADA to the cloud, enable you to have the access even during your leisure travel around the world!

web scada cloud
  • Web SCADA

    Ecava IntegraXor is a pure web SCADA that built in with native web server that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

    • Cross Browser: Have the freedom to use your SCADA/HMI on any preferred web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
    • Modern Web Technology: Compliance with W3C standard and works fast by absolutely NO plugin required

  • Internet Gateway

    Internet Gateway is the module that will turn your web SCADA into Internet SCADA, as it allows you to connect to your SCADA over the Internet without needing you to purchase static IP from your ISP at server or project site.

    • Plug to the Cloud: Plug your SCADA to the cloud and control/monitor it everywhere around the world.
    • Carefree: No extra installation. It works by continuing to self update its dynamic IP by utilizing IGX DNS service, without needing any action from you or your ISP.
    • Less Maintenance & Less Cost: It will integrate with your router automatically without any admin work needed.