• Much Lesser Resource Consumption

    Ecava IntegraXor is a lightweight SCADA which consumes only an insignificant part of your system. The lightweight design is the reason to make it a lean and fast SCADA, leaving zero burden to your system.

    • Minimum System Requirements: Runs well in even the mini PC with low technical specifications.
    • Save Your Project Cost: No sky high specs are compulsory, you are free to decide your own server machine, based only on your project requirements.
    • Customers Testimonials: There are customers who claimed Ecava IntegraXor as the light and easy SCADA to install and use. It is light yet able to be installed and survived on marine ship to support for satellite transmission over tough conditions.

  • Freedom to Configure

    Ecava IntegraXor is unlike other traditional SCADA, it allows you to seize the freedom to customize your project. Feel free to configure and develop anyway you want!

    • 100% Fully Customizable: Be the one to decide how your SCADA system should behave.
    • Design Your Own Way: There is no limited library available, we leave the freedom to you, draw and construct the HMI scenes anyway you want.

  • IGX Lite Edition

    IGX Lite edition is the package designed to suit those whose project is serving for small application, we want you to only pay for what you need. Get your SCADA/HMI light as weightless with maximum achievement but only pay for the minimum price.