How to Launch Web Browsers in Kiosk Mode

  • How to Launch Web Browsers in Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode is essential in industrial automation, because SCADA/HMI are normally presented in kiosk mode. By doing so the whole package shall appear more “panel” like instead of an ordinary computer browser. But other than application in automation projects, kiosk mode is widely used by system administrators to provide the browser in limited/restricted user access. […]

  • Integrate Google Maps in your SCADA

    Imagine you need your HMI to display the map of your process plants across the world, so that you can control / monitor them via simply clicking on their map locations on screen. Although you can always design the HMI with a stilled map image and labels, but it is always better if you can […]

  • How to insert raster image (JPEG /PNG) into SVG using Inkscape

    Most of the time, when creating a HMI screen, we are required to include company logo or relevant images. These images are mainly in raster form, normally saved as JPEG or PNG file format. Since Ecava IGX SCADA uses SVG for HMI screens, inserting raster images into the SVG is never a problem by using […]

  • 10 Checkpoints for Writing User Guide

    The purpose of UG is to give guidance to user. There’s no hard and fast rules in writing user guide, but below are 10 checkpoints to write a good User Guide. The essence here is to teach user to use a product completely, although User Guide is very much describing User Interface. It should have […]

  • How to Install Clonezilla Live in a Bootable media

    Clonezilla Live is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program for single machine. Basically it is a useful tool to perform disk backup and recovery. It is a bootable GNU/Linux distribution for both x86 or amd64 based computers. One of the best things about Clonezilla is despite it is an open sourced tool, you can use […]

  • Using VB Script in SCADA

    Good news to those who used to program in VBS, Ecava IGX Script engine now supports VB (Visual Basic). To start to write your scripts using VB language in IGX Project Editor, simply save your script with the extension of *.VBS. Other than standard VBS functions and math operations, Ecava IGX comes with a few […]

  • Meaningful Version String that Reflects Release Date

    We used to have problem to associate the release date for certain build numbers. The old version format before version 5 is like MM.NN.bbbb.x, this is the format that supported by Microsoft MSI. It is straightforward, whereby MM is major number, NN is minor number, bbbb is build number that keep on increasing. The last […]

  • 8 Reasons why you should use Ecava Kiosk-it

    1. Protection Keyboard are locked from exiting or closing the application, even pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+F4 will require user’s credential. Other than preventing interruption, Kiosk-it restricts non relevant user access as well as transferring suspicious data to your system or devices. 2. Low price Ecava Kiosk-it is selling only at the lowest price, that assures […]

  • 6 Steps to install Windows Embedded Standard 7

    Ecava IGX Server has been tested on Windows Embedded Standard 7 running on Oracle VM VirtualBox, with simulated hardware specification as follows: – a single processor – 512 MB of RAM – 5 GB of hard disk space. The test was running on real CPU with Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz processor. The following are the […]

  • SCADA and MES

    What is MES (Manufacturing Execution System)? As the name suggests, MES is mostly implemented for manufacturing systems. The purposes of MES are mainly for report production as well as document processes such as goods records, receipts, maintenance, scheduling, etc. For example, in a manufacturing operation, SCADA plays the main role of process control, while MES […]

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Ecava IGX

    Ecava IGX Web SCADA is a fully functional solution with high performance native drivers, developed based on standard web technologies with adopted Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) to enable lossless view on HMI mimic. Ecava IGX is the leading web SCADA that supported more than 80% of the mostly used Ethernet drivers and had its first […]

  • SAGE has migrated to Inkscape 0.91

    Everybody seems happy with Inkscape 0.48.4 SAGE 4.14, and didn’t bother to request us to migrate to the Inkscape 0.91, which launched more than a year ago. Anyhow, we still feel there’s a need to keep up with the latest repository to ensure you can enjoy the most out of SAGE. If you take a […]

  • DLL Hijacking when Open Malicious File – Vulnerability Note

    We have recently sent out newsletter informing the launch and promotion of V5, a very kind security researcher, John Carroll reported that a vulnerability issue was found in our License Manager. For those who have started using V5.1, you may have realized you can now do online license activation, as well as offline activation on […]

  • SCADA Buying Guide

    There are many concerns for buyer when looking for a SCADA. Here’s the SCADA buying guide with the top 10 considerations that you should aware: It’s a real web SCADA and not traditional SCADA. It should allows you to view the mimic without needing you to download, preinstall, deploy some thick client. The world is […]

  • IGX Lite: The Low Cost SCADA That Actually Works

    It is true that people are easily amused by gigantic automation projects with large scale operation and tons of devices, compiled together into a fancy SCADA/HMI system. However, we cannot deny the existence of small scale process control operation. The requirement for such automation operation is simple, which is a SCADA system that can achieve […]

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