Ecava IntegraXor is the first SCADA to come with responsive HMI interface. What does it mean by responsive? Responsive is the essential feature to support mobile devices. Ever witness all those fancy websites that will auto squeeze and fit nicely when you browse using mobile phones? That behavior is called responsive, and now you get to enjoy it on SCADA/HMI too!

  • Scalable Vector Graphic

    Ecava IntegraXor adopted Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) for your HMI presentation, SVG is the standard organization for web content. Furthermore to suit your need, Ecava had developed SAGE for open source project Inkscape, the graphic designer class graphic editor, in which you can have the freedom to develop and design your own HMI scenes.

    • Scalable and Surreal Graphics: Unlike some traditional SCADA that uses raster images that could pixelated when enlarged, Ecava IntegraXor adopted SVG which allows you to have scalable and surreal graphics despite different resolutions or how many times you zoom in.
    • Full Freedom: There is no limited selection, we leave the freedom to you, draw and construct the HMI scenes anyway you want.

  • Mobile Friendly
    • Autofit: Enjoy the magic of responsive HMI where it will automatically fit into all your mobile devices with different screen sizes.
    • Go Mobile: The ability to access the responsive HMI on mobile allows you to control and monitor your work sites anywhere on any devices as long as it has the connection.

  • SVG Image Library Pack

    Not much of a designer yourself? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Check out our SVG Image Library pack for varieties of industrial automation HMI mimics, exclusively designed by Ecava designer team.