Success Stories: VISICS Maintenance Turnarounds & Shutdowns Management System

VISICS Maintenance Turnarounds & Shutdowns Management System

Confined spaces are challenging working environments. Usually a manhole watch shall be hired to keep count and to raise alarm in case of an emergency. This is expensive and unreliable as each manhole needs one attendant who is subject to human error. Besides, in case of acute injury and not being able to see what is happening inside, help might come too late.

Traditionally, a safety officer also needs to personally get into the confined space to ensure gas level is at a safe point and then return to the permit office for authorizing paperwork. The gas level has to be measured repetitively every 4 hours after work has commenced. If any subsequent check failed to perform, the work must be stopped and the confined space vacated.

VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring, powered by Ecava platform, measures gas levels in all confined spaces 24×7 instead of once every 4 hours. The measurement results can be presented digitally across the plant, including the permit office in real-time.

In contrast, 80 confined spaces used to require 8 people for gas measurement, now only 2 people are needed with VISICS solution. Contractors don’t have to wait for the permit to be completed. Several hours per day for each confined space can be saved. The business has not only saved money and time but also increased the safety of the personnel involved.

VISICS could perform continuous measurement for noise level, temperature and humidity, the Ecava SCADA will then calculate the dew point for data analysis and dashboarding, the accumulated data can be used to learn from previous experiences and to adjust procedures accordingly. The patented innovative reports and visualization include clear dashboard consisting of neat graphics and tables will then compile big data to give valuable insights for strategic future planning.

VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring, powered by Ecava SCADA platform, has transformed the approach of confined space safety from manual, human-oriented and ad-hoc to digital, automated and continuous real-time.

The VISICS system has leveraged the latest and open digital technologies to deliver this innovative award solution and transformed the approach and safety levels of confined space. Among the technologies used are:

  1. The use of the internet to deliver the visualizations and information that has been formatted by Ecava SCADA. Anyone with login authentication from anywhere in the world can access the system through the internet.
  2. The W3C web compliant interface allows users to access systems using a web browser securely without needing any plugin, extension nor installing app. The system is delivered on a HTML web page.
  3. The use of mobile technology where the system can be viewed using a mobile phone or a tablet on Android or iOS platform.
  4. The use of Database technology to store historical information for reporting and future analysis.
  5. The use of Ecava SCADA platform that runs on 64 bit server, utilizing the capacity and power of the Workstation/Server technology.

The system can be deployed on public cloud such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud, allowing worldwide deployment and accessibility and yet keep infrastructure costs low. It has allowed advancement from manual paper-based safety determination and reports to real-time digital and continuous safety monitoring.

It is the first confined space monitoring system in the world that uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in the visualization screens, using two US patented technologies by Ecava for the method of animating SVG graphics and reporting algorithms. It is also the first web responsive confined space monitoring system in the world that allows automatic resizing of screens based on user devices.

The system utilizes multiple technologies (internet, PC, database and mobile) to deliver this solution. The W3C compliant web interface enables operator to access the SCADA at anytime anywhere directly using any preferred device like a phone or tablet, on top of workstation. The monitoring of all sites and accessing content can be done directly via web browser securely without needing any plugin, extension nor installing app.

The saved cost is tremendous for relocating onsite personnel from 10 countries to HQ with 24×7 control center, because it is not just reducing headcount, but also traveling time and expenses. As it’s portable, it was deployed to many customers in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Kuwait, Netherlands, Sweden, UAE, UK and US.

Traditional approach would need physical onsite presence in monitoring, whereas ECAVA SCADA allows secure remote monitoring for multiple sites all over the world to a single monitoring station. It has Alarm escalation that notifies higher level of admin only when more attention is needed. With Ecava SCADA cluster network, the project can scale across multiple countries and allows for better collaboration among users.

Other than simplifying operational matters, Ecava also assist in analytic aspect for management, regardless of using traditional database or big data. The IIoT capability further enhanced its integration with enterprise solution for digital transformation towards industrial 4.0.

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