License FAQ

  1. Can I transfer my license to another machine?
    Yes, absolutely, so long you don’t change the end user registration information.
  2. What if my hardware fail?
    Just register on another machine by generating another license request from a new machine.
  3. How does license key works?
    IGX only register based on software key for many advantages, particularly we want to lower the license cost to you, and you have the freedom to install IGX into any VM, even in the cloud.
  4. What does “Per seat” means?
    It means every license is only meant to run one project on one machine only at any one time.
  5. Can I buy more modules or size up the I/O count for same edition later?
    Yes, certainly. You just need to authorize the machine with new configuration upon upgrade.
  6. What’s the difference between non-registered and registered license?
    A non-registered license is fully functional without any I/O or feature restriction, but can only run within the trial period. You may exit the whole application and start the project again when the trial period expired. On the other hand, registered license will be work according to the purchased license configurations, i.e. modules and I/O size. And it will run perpetually or until subscription ends.
  7. What is the I/O range like?
    The I/O range is calculated based on Binary range, from 32, 64, 128, … 1024, 2048, … 32768 and so on and so forth.
  8. How many devices can I connect to IGX SCADA?
    You have the freedom to connect to as many as the I/O count permitted. For instance, a 32 license allow you to connect to 32 devices (IPs) with only 1 tag (at 1 data address), or 1 device (single IP) with 32 tags (or data addresses).
  9. How many thin client connection on browser is allowed at basic license?
    Browser connection is allowed on local machine where the IP is the same as where the server installed. Any connection from different IP address will need to add 1 thin client connection per IP address.
  10. How many thick client connection on Kioskit is allowed at basic license?
    Thick client connection is not included in basic license, so every thick client connection must be added into license configuration regardless of IP address.
  11. How does thin/thick client connection being counted?
    It’s based on concurrent connection. Once a connection is disconnected from one IP, another connection can then be established from different IP, regardless of a user is signed in or not.
  12. Can I modify my project after authorization?
    Yes, you may modify anything within the limit of purchased modules and I/O count.
  13. Do I have to download another installer after payment?
    No, you don’t have to, the same installer can be fully functional according to the purchased license.
  14. Can I get a printed license certificate?
    Yes, you may purchase the license certificate, and pay for the delivery fees to your address.
  15. What should I do when I want to migrate license to new machine?
    Proceed to generate license request from the new machine and send in your license request file (*.ILR) together with your old authorization file (*.ILA) to your vendor.
  16. Can I move the project folder around after authorization?
    Yes, you can move the project folder to any path within the same machine.
  17. Can I edit the licensed project with office laptop/machine?
    Yes, just ensure you copy out the licensed project folder before editing on external machine.
  18. Why do I need to subscribe for P.E. developer license?
    Project Editor license is meant for off site development, you don’t need developer license for authorized site machine
  19. Can I activate legacy version or offline machine with software key?
    Yes, you just need to export the License Request (*.ilr) file from the offline machine, then copy to an online machine to generate the License Authorization (*.la) file with Software Key. Copy back to import at the offline machine. Read more.
  20. Can I use older release or legacy version?
    Yes, you could use any previous version when you purchase Professional Edition.