Welcome to Online Ecava-IGX SCADA Demo!

No plugin, no download needed. Just works instantly!
  • The alarm buzzer will sound from time to time. Turn down your speaker volume or temporarily switch off if needed.
  • If you wish to acknowledge alarm, please sign in as ‘admin’ with ‘password’.
  • In vessel level control, you can open or close the vessel doors by first setting the control mode to ‘Ready’.
  • In Oil & Gas mimc, you may click on the valve to control or toggle its status.
  • If you are using IE8 or older that is not fully compliant to W3C standard, you will need to go to download page for ASV plug-in.
  • Try the demo on smart devices like iPhone & iPad, Android Phones & Tablets.

NO registration needed.

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Run the same demo and share to your friends remotely without any effort!
Unlike traditional SCADA which is bulky and bloated, ECAVA-IGX’s installer file size is less than 100 MB. And installing is a matter of clicking through Next buttons! Download and then experience how simple and easy things should be done for you. You can get your SCADA up and running in a minute, and then show case your SCADA link to your colleagues or customer instantly! We promise!