Ecava IntegraXor V5

Ecava IntegraXor Web SCADA

What’s new in ECAVA IntegraXor?

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First SCADA with Responsive Design HMI

Ecava IntegraXor is the first SCADA system which introduce responsive design to its web HMI. 

The screen fits perfectly into all sorts of devices from smartphones to laptop and large LCD screen.

Borderless Control with Internet Gateway

ECAVA IntegraXor comes with built in internet gateway, without needing you to buy premium static IP!
This feature allows you to monitor and control your project from halfway around the world via Internet.
Now, you can have your peace of mind even when you are on holiday!

Enhanced Security with HTTPS

ECAVA IntegraXor is more secure with enhanced security feature such as HTTPS. It was screened by tens of independent security researchers to ensure you can have the peace of mind of your assets and facilities.
With the implementation of HTTPS and other data encryption features, the web communication is safeguarded.

500 times FASTER with Websocket

With the implementation of modern web technology – WebSocket, Ecava IntegraXor is now 500 times faster!
Ecava IntegraXor HMI response speed can be as fast as 1 millisecond! An incredible benchmark in web SCADA!

More Communication Protocols

ECAVA IntegraXor now comes with more native drivers to support more communication protocols, including MQTT for IIoT era.
Using these communication protocols, IntegraXor can communicate with more than 80% of the popular devices in the market!

Stable & Reliable

With months of internal burn test, ECAVA IntegraXor is now proven to be more stable and reliable.
More than hundreds of stability features has been included in current release to ensure zero downtime!

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