SCADA Training

IGX, the Chosen SCADA for University Teaching Material

Dr. Juan Pimentel
Kettering University, Michigan

I will be teaching my annual course, which is a very important course where students are required to use important tools. For the last few years, I have been using IGX as one of such tools and I intend to use it for this year.

For years, we have customers who have been using IGX SCADA as the important tools in university training. Simply because we have adopted the easy design for all users to master the skills quickly. Learning SCADA in the university by using IGX helps the students to experience their first exposure to industrial automation before they step out to the reality field.


We wish such benefits get to reach every single individual that is interested to pick up the skill. Therefore, we always work hard in preparing sufficient resources and guidance for all, such as this online training centre. This free online SCADA training is targeting those who are seeking for SCADA knowledge. Other than theories, beginners can learn how to configure an Ecava IGX project from scratch as well as achieve a hands-on experience throughout this training.  Meanwhile, existing Ecava IGX system integrators can take this opportunity to update their knowledge. Setup procedures and examples will be provided in this online training to boost better understandings.

Let’s start from the basics.

Topic 1: SCADA Basics

Topic 2: SCADA System Configuration

Topic 3: Advanced SCADA System Configuration

Topic 4: PLC SCADA Training

Tutorial Videos


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