4 Steps to run your SCADA in Kiosk Mode

You may have came across some scenarios where some SCADAs or HMIs are presented in full screen. In fact, it is not simply full screen, but kiosk mode. Running SCADA/HMI in kiosk mode prevents users from exiting, interrupting, or performing any action beyond the system’s serving purpose. For example, it is easy to find reported cases where operators misused SCADA system’s workstations or PCs for non-work related business, which may impact the performance of the system. Therefore, it is essential to protect your SCADA system with the easiest approach, which is simply running it in kiosk mode.

In this training, we will pair up Ecava IGX SCADA and Kiosk-it to serve the purpose.
Before getting started, you can request for a free copy of Ecava Kiosk-it and proceed to install. (It is a simple one step installation)

Step 1: Run IGX Project

Run any IGX SCADA project, or you can just run the DEM0 project. Noticed the IGX Server will show the status of each task.

Step 2: Launch Kiosk-it

When IGX project is running, click to launch Ecava Kiosk-it which you have installed earlier. Noticed that Kiosk-it is just a simple tiny window with a single user input box.

Step 3: Enter IGX Project URL

Follow the instruction as shown in the Kiosk-it window, i.e. “Please enter a project URL”, and input your IGX project URL. An IGX project URL refers to the URL to launch the project’s front-end (HMI). For instance, after started an IGX project, its front-end will be launched in your default web browser. The project URL refers to the URL stated in the browser’s address bar, as shown in screenshot below.

scada training igx scada project url

Step 4: Access your SCADA in Kiosk Mode!

Note that there are 2 buttons under the input box for Project URL, which are “Manual Start” and “Auto Start”. For Ecava Kiosk-it, you can choose to manually run the project in kiosk mode (for those who wish to test run for the first time may click this button), or automatically run it in kiosk mode upon every system startup.

Click on either one of the buttons, and your SCADA project will be launched in kiosk mode! You may test around by typing keys such as “Esc” and noticed that exiting the screen is blocked by these common keystrokes.

Refer to below image for the simple 4 steps to achieve running your SCADA in kiosk mode.

scada training run scada kiosk mode

Request your copy of Ecava Kiosk-it and IGX SCADA today to try out the lightweight SCADA system protected by the simplest yet stablest kiosk-it.

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