How to Easily Bind Tag to SCADA Object

Configuration to bind or link a device tag to a SCADA object is almost a compulsory in any automation project. If the software steps / UI (User Interface) is not designed well, then it will be a pain for system integrators. Therefore, Ecava IGX and Inkscape SAGE are designed in the way to suit the user/SI to map the object in SAGE with a tag from an Ecava IGX project, in the easiest way. In this training we will show you how to achieve this by using Ecava IGX and Inkscape SAGE.

Step 1: Create Tag and Object

First, let’s add a new tag in a new or existing project, as shown below. We will target to produce a bar animation as the end result of this training. Create a SVG object in Inkscape SAGE, for example a tank. Then, in Ecava IGX Project Editor, open ‘Screen’ and add this SVG file as one of the additional screen.

Ecava IGX bind tag to SCADA object create new tag

Step 2: Open Object Properties

In order to illustrate the object animation as per the automation plant process, the object properties should be mapped with the SCADA project configuration. In fact, tag is the bridge between them. Select the bar object and right click to open the ‘Object Properties’. Navigate to “Bar” tab to configure the bar animation.

Ecava IGX bind tag to SCADA object configure bar animation

Step 3: Click to Select Binding Tag

There is a button […] beside the column for ‘Tag*’, click on it to launch the Tag Browser. Note that if you launch the SVG file from the Project Editor, then the full list of tags of that particular project will be shown in the Tag Browser. Else if the file is opened in any other way, you can always click on “Change” button to locate any desired Ecava IGX project file (.igx). Navigate the tag list by clicking on the arrow buttons, or simply type the tag name on the provided column to filter for easier finding. For example as shown below.

Ecava IGX bind tag to SCADA object select tag

Select the desired tag and click on OK, and then you’re done binding the tag to the SCADA object. Now you can control the bar animation behavior by setting the minimum and maximum values. Click on OK and save the file when you’re done.

Step 4: Done

Now click on “Run Project” on Project Editor to test and witness the animation, which should work like a charm. The image below shows the example of the illustrated tank bar animation for different tag values. Ecava IGX provides the easy solution for engineers to configure SCADA objects, as compared to many other traditional tag based SCADA.

Ecava IGX bind tag to SCADA object tank bar animation

Download Ecava IGX today and earn the easiest experience to bind tag to a SCADA object.

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