Month: January 2011

  • Top 10 Portable Apps for SCADA System Integrator

    For the generations who have been through the DOS and Windows 3.11 era, they must not have forgotten the good old days that they could easily copy a program around without caring about the installation file, but they were struggling on squeezing files into the fragile floppy disks instead. Now that we have a memory […]

  • Version Mismatched in Support Information

    If you have ever checked for application version from “Support Information” in Add or Remove Programs applet (or Version column in Programs or Features applet in Vista or above), you may noticed some applications (including IntegraXor) have mismatched version number displayed here compared to the one in their respective binaries. This is because the Windows […]

  • IntegraXor 3.6.4000.5 Change Log – 12Jan11

    + Added SQL Database Authentication with Read/Write level control. ^ Tag Watch List can be saved across session. ^ Server stability improvement. * Debugging message in status output window will be hidden when debug mode is turned off. Every database could have its own read and write level setting which associated to User level/privilege setting. […]

  • Security Issue 20101222-0700 Vulnerability Note

    SQL Authentication Vulnerability IntegraXor 3.6.4000.5 is now added with Read and Write level column to database table which allows user to configure security level for individual database entry. Now only user with security level higher than or equal to the read level can browse for trend and alarm data, and user with security level higher […]

  • SCADA Vulnerability/Security Issues

    Crossing 2011 seems to be quite challenging for IntegraXor team in handling security issues. However we are very glad that several security researcher are helping us in finding security vulnerability and even help us to verify the patched release when the loophole is fixed. We wish to thank them and also Kevin, Kathy & Bryan […]