DX Drivers for Industrial Communications

If you have started using any of the newly developed drivers, you should have noticed or are aware that the new drivers are attached under IO-Hub. They are cross platform and devices, and designed with IIoT in mind for the Industrial 4.0 era, which they can be deployed in *distributed* network architecture and in a *decoupled* manners, as such we simply name them DX drivers.

You may deploy DX Drivers to common desktop, cloud, or simply a single board computer with Windows or Linux. They are like micro services that run independently and can be scaled to unlimited instances as long as supported by the targeted servers and network bandwidth.

DX Drivers can complement any SCADA systems for interacting with industrial devices or equipment that uses communication protocols like OPC UA, Modbus, Profinet, IEC104, BACnet and many more for various industries. The DX driver is open to be integrated for any SCADA/HMI/MES/DCS/IIoT/OT or any system that is required to access industrial devices.

The payload for DX Drivers is very lightweight and easy to learn as it leverages on MQTT protocol which is already widely used in the IoT field, effectively DX Drivers are MQTT converters for industrial communication protocols. Moreover, you may pick and install any two or more DX drivers together to customize your own protocol converter. This means you may build your own gateway or converter easily with any two or more targeted industrial protocols in any supported embedded system or single board computer at lower cost.

Configurations can be easily done with simple JSON+CSV text files which you can easily maintain by using your preferred text/code editor and spreadsheet program like Excel or LibreOffice in any environment. Download the recent versions of IGX and get the documentation from support for gaining the benefits now!