Month: March 2016

  • We have moved near to a train station

    We love to work efficiently and hate to get stuck in traffic, neither our visitor like to, so coming to our office will now have the alternative mean: by train. Please take note of our new business address and contact number: 97-2, Jalan BK 5a/2, Puchong 47180 Selangor MALAYSIA +603-8080 4838 Note that Jalan BK5a/1 […]

  • Thin Client vs Thick Client for SCADA

    IGX SCADA was designed for thin client architecture from the ground up, to be exact, it’s a Browser Server architecture that open to run with any standard web content natively. As a comparison, most traditional SCADAs was created as a thick client, or even without supporting any remote client by default. Usually these thick content […]