Month: April 2016

  • Best SVG image size for SCADA mimic

    IGX equipped with a wonderful feature that auto fit any image with various sizes or resolutions into any screen/monitor during runtime. This gets rid of the painful trouble that traditional SCADA had to redraw the mimic when different sizes of monitor or resolutions are being applied at site. Since you already have such luxury, why […]

  • DCOM Settings for SCADA OPC Driver

    It can be tricky to setup OPC configuration, so our system engineer B.G. is sharing out his personal written short instructions with you. Anyhow it’s pretty complete like a guideline though. You may call this a check list, nevertheless, the length of the post shows the complexity of DCOM setting for SCADA application. DCOM Open […]

  • Multiple Security Issues Vulnerability Note

    Security researcher Marcus Richerson from San Diego State University have reported multiple security issues in his research. We are very thankful for his time spent especially on verifying the patches for many rounds. IGX developers have patched the reported vulnerabilities and released the fix over time. The complete fix has been included in latest Release […]