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  • IntegraXor 3.71.4180 dated 07 Oct 2011 Change Log

    The public release has finally released. Below is the summary of features again from previous Release Candidates. More flexible localized number formating. (#.##0,0###) Completely powerful expression. ($PressAbs ? 1.01325 : 1) Auto complete for Project Editor data entry. Redundant Network. Multiple connections to database for faster access. GUI for menu configuration. The only feature that […]

  • IntegraXor 3.70.4140 dated 18 Aug 2011 Release Candidate Change Log

    As our customer base grows and project scale getting larger and larger, we have been extremely busy in improving the performance issues in all aspect, especially in database performance. And the reason why we haven’t published any standard release is because our development team is coping with customers’ demand so keep issuing out beta with […]