SCADA Animation Graphic Editor Extension for Inkscape 1+

SAGE eXtension or SAGEX can be used for Inkscape version 1 and above. Adding SAGEX into newer version of Inkscape is a matter of download and copy two extension files into Inkscape’s extension directory. If you are using portable edition, then your extensions path shall be something like the following:

And you shall see SAGEX appear under Extension’s menu. Be aware that the top item in the menu is the “Previous Extension”, which you may use shortcut Alt+Q to open SAGEX again as the last used extension. The interface looks very similar to the previous SAGE, so there’s not much learning needed just like before.

The good news is you may upgrade Inkscape freely by copying the extension into the next official release, on top of enjoying more features in newer version of Inkscape. Note that the tag browsing feature will be added in the future release, please let us know what else do you like to see?