Month: April 2015

  • How to speed up Modbus communication?

    How to speed up Modbus communication? Modbus communication for both Serial and TCP/IP can be optimized for speed by grouping same type of tags with contiguous I/O address. The goal is to have as little batch as possible to reduce turn around time on communication transaction. It’s straightforward for Boolean data type, what’s concerning is […]

  • How do I find any gap in SCADA/HMI I/O address for padding and speed up communication?

    How do I find I/O addresses gap using spreadsheet? In Modbus communication, it’s important to ensure addresses are arranged continuously in one chunk without any skipped of addresses, because any gap in the address listing will force the communication transaction to be split into another transaction instead of polling the data at one go. And […]

  • How do I sort spreadsheet data on multiple columns

    How do I sort spreadsheet data on multiple columns It’s very common requirement to manipulate data by importing/exporting CSV content from within external application. And many times the raw data arrangement may not be readily useable or friendly for viewing or analyzing. As such sorting data according to column in spreadsheet is a pretty essential […]

  • Security Issue for DLL Vulnerability Note

    Security researcher Praveen Darshanam have reported to IGX developer on a new DLL vulnerability via US-CERT. This is the second DLL vulnerability on top of previously found DLL hijack issues. The vulnerability is about replacing the genuine DLL files with malicious DLL files in program directory. IGX developers have patched the reported vulnerability and released […]