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  • Engineers’ Choice Award 2018 – Vote IGX to get $100 credits!

    Engineers’ Choice Awards is organized yearly by Control Engineering to select the best of the bests from leading candidates among the world of industrial automation. This year, we are proud to announce that Ecava IntegraXor version 6 has been selected as the finalist in the software category for Engineers’ Choice Award 2018. The best news […]

  • SCADA IoT Home Automation

    The world is all about IoT (Internet of Things) now. Basically technology developers are aiming for IoT approach for whatever products (if possible). While home automation is another big trend that carries great development potentials, it is now commonly wrapped with IoT technologies as a package to furnish automation to your home. Why use IoT […]

  • IntegraXor 6.0.605.0 Release Note

    Ecava IntegraXor 6.0 (Stable) is here! The beta label is finally gone for version 6.0, and it is now the new STABLE after uncountable improvements. Just in case you haven’t join the fun, here’re the shiny new features released. MQTT Added new MQTT driver and server support. Ecava team has paid great effort to bring […]

  • Using VB Script in SCADA

    Good news to those who used to program in VBS, Ecava IGX Script engine now supports VB (Visual Basic). To start to write your scripts using VB language in IGX Project Editor, simply save your script with the extension of *.VBS. Other than standard VBS functions and math operations, Ecava IGX comes with a few […]

  • Leanest SCADA System

    The world is growing smaller with the daily development of technologies. It can be assumed that everyone is keen on any small and light gadgets in these days. It is true that industrial automation is more necessarily meant for heavy operation, but as the world has stepped into the machine-driven era, even the simple operation […]

  • IntegraXor 4.1.4450.0 Change Log

      A highly demanded SCADA feature, faceplate has made available in this pure web SCADA using all W3C compliant technologies. An innovative technique has been used to assure no compatibility issues between versions while upgrade. We believe “no interface is the best interface” in keeping things simple, and it was challenging to create a feature […]

  • IntegraXor 4.1.4340.0 dated 12 Aug 2013 Change Log

    IntegraXor 4.1.4340.0 dated 12 Aug 2013 Change Log The highlight of this release is IntegraXor SCADA is now powered by Google’s V8 Scripting Engine which is the similar engine that runs in Google Chrome. Technically speaking it’s certainly so good and so fast. The increment of minor version is to indicate on the higher performance, […]

  • IntegraXor HMI/SCADA Bug Bounty Program

    IntegraXor HMI/SCADA Bug Bounty Program This Non-Monetary Bug Bounty Program is part of our effort to make IntegraXor SCADA more secure, safe & stable. Below are the rules for joining. Terms & conditions apply. Considerations We only concern on the issue that will impact our customers’ installation of IGX SCADA system. You must download & […]

  • IntegraXor 4.00.4300.0 dated 06 May 2013 Change Log

    We have done quite a fair bit of maintenance releases and we didn’t add much features recently, as we were focusing on improving speed and stability. The good news is our driver developers are still adding in major protocols into our driver list. Optimize driver, when a tag is not being used in any task […]

  • Free 64 Modbus I/O for Souliss private home users!

    In making a little effort on supporting open source project, IntegraXor will now give away free 64 Modbus I/O +1 remote client license for Souliss users! To apply for Souliss private home free license, simply register the user information as per below and only the boldface items can be freely changed. This free license is […]

  • Migrating Older Version of IGX Project to Version 4

    Below are several main areas that you shall take note to upgrade to version 4. Tagname – It shall comply to standard JavaScript naming convention. Most notifically, it shall not start by a number. This restriction was added in favor of highly demanded feature, Tag Expression. The quicker way to do this is to export […]

  • IntegraXor 4.00.4250.0 dated 05 Oct 2012 Change Log

    The long waited version 4 has finally released, after version 1 been born 10 years ago. The list of added & improved features and bug fixes are too long and was partly revealed earlier so we will only summarize them as below. Security with extreme versatility. SMS alarm output. Multiple redundancies. Ethernet IP driver for […]

  • IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log

    IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log As the title indicates, yes, version 4 is around the corner. If you have been following up with few previous versions of beta. You could noticed big improvement on security architecture, some new GUI arrangements that make things more organized in Project Editor. IntegraXor SCADA is […]

  • IntegraXor 3.72.4230 dated 06 May 2012 Change Log

    IntegraXor 3.72.4230 dated 06 May 2012 Change Log We received too many requests for installing IntegraXor on virtual machine, on the other hand we’ve been suffered on piracy issue which appeared to be a happy problem. However, we decided not to against the trend of installing servers on VM, as such we are pleased to […]

  • IntegraXor SCADA in Automaticon Exhibition; Poland

    AUTOMATICON is the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland. It was held at EXPO XXI Warsaw International Expocentre, Warsaw, Warszawa, last month 20-MAR-2012 to 23-MAR-2012. Both the exhibition & accompanying seminars attract thousands of high level specialists from industry from all over Poland & the neighbouring countries. And one […]