IntegraXor 6.0.605.0 Release Note

Ecava IntegraXor 6.0 (Stable) is here! The beta label is finally gone for version 6.0, and it is now the new STABLE after uncountable improvements. Just in case you haven’t join the fun, here’re the shiny new features released.

Added new MQTT driver and server support. Ecava team has paid great effort to bring in both MQTT Subscriber and Publisher features to IntegraXor.

MQTT (formerly known as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol based on client-server architecture. It is light weight, open, simple and is suitable for use in many situations, such as for communication in Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).

MQTT Subscriber:
In IntegraXor, the MQTT subscriber is an MQTT client that is used to subscribe to the topics published by other MQTT clients. The received payload is written to a tag based on the selected data type. All of the IntegraXor data types are supported.

MQTT Publisher:
MQTT publisher in IntegraXor is an MQTT client that is used to publish tag values to other MQTT clients. And it’s very convenient that a built-in MQTT Server or Broker will be launched as well when the Publisher is started. So you don’t have to worry about learning and maintaining and managing another Server.

BACnet scheduler
BACnet scheduler is now added. In BACnet Protocol, you can automate repetitive events like daily HVAC On/Off and Lighting On/Off by using Schedule Object. IntegraXor provide a user-friendly and intuitive Scheduler Page as configuration page for Schedule Object.

Report Viewer
Added capability in report server to directly embed database result view into report.

UI language selection
In the past, you may add any language support for front end mimic. Now we have added UI language selection to IGX server and editor. Talk to us if you like your native language to be added.

[Edited 08/11/2017]

V6 Beta Release:

Added OPC UA client driver (the successor to OPC classic DA) into the supported list of communication protocols. OPC UA provides plug-and-play capabilities without DCOM configuration and also provides secure and reliable connections between OPC servers.

SCADA Cluster
Cluster module allows you to massively scale and distribute your SCADA installation over large geographical area. You may use cluster as I/O gateway, or isolate database related tasks like historian, alarm or report to another machine to break any bottleneck. You may also duplicate any module as many as you like to achieve partial or complete redundancy. Cluster module also facilitate project extension or delegation without interrupting existing configuration.

Download and install IntegraXor 6.0 today!