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  • IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log

    IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log As the title indicates, yes, version 4 is around the corner. If you have been following up with few previous versions of beta. You could noticed big improvement on security architecture, some new GUI arrangements that make things more organized in Project Editor. IntegraXor SCADA is […]

  • IntegraXor 3.71.4187 dated 24 Dec 2011 Change Log – SQL Driver

    Unlike many SCADA system only supports proprietary database system, IntegraXor once again open up another channel to integrate with external database system via SQL Driver. This driver is a little special as it’s not communicating with hardware devices but to a rational SQL database system that supports ODBC, by associating a specific database table column […]

  • IntegraXor 3.71.4185 dated 16 Nov 2011 Change Log – I/O Expression

    Raw data scaling has been highly demanded, although it can be accomplished via script. We always want to go extra miles to provide more than basic scaling, as such we are combining scaling and scripting into one, which is Logical Expression. Performing scaling is straightforward, the UI needed is nothing more than a column for […]