IntegraXor 3.71.4185 dated 16 Nov 2011 Change Log – I/O Expression

Raw data scaling has been highly demanded, although it can be accomplished via script. We always want to go extra miles to provide more than basic scaling, as such we are combining scaling and scripting into one, which is Logical Expression.

Performing scaling is straightforward, the UI needed is nothing more than a column for user to enter a numerical factor. However, scripting is more than mathematics, allowing linkage to other tags can be even more complicated. So combining two capabilities into one column can be quite challenging as we don’t want to add any difficulty for new user who just want to do a basic scaling. As such we have spent a very big effort in designing the UI to ensure it’s friendly and enticing as what can be seen in this release.

Note that the automatically switching mechanism is our effort to make user learn the hidden feature by accident. We are trying to hint that the $ sign is representing the raw source value. This technique is quite effective, some internal beta users started asking if they can replace the multiplication sign by minus or any mathematic operation? The answer is absolutely YES, not only user may enter any mathematical operator, but may also able to enter any logical operators. Read more in the user guide, or grab a copy to explore this feature.