IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log

IntegraXor 4.00.4233.1 beta dated 23 Jul 2012 Change Log

As the title indicates, yes, version 4 is around the corner. If you have been following up with few previous versions of beta. You could noticed big improvement on security architecture, some new GUI arrangements that make things more organized in Project Editor.

  • IntegraXor SCADA is now completely Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Level control is kept for compatibility purpose so admin shall avoid to use Security Level for new projects. Each user can be granted with one or more roles. Moreover, the associated role can be further restricted to be functional from specific location based on login IP address.

  • Built-in application tags are now being listed under new tag category called “Application”.
  • New type of tags is introduced for Action related category, mainly for security control purpose.
  • Screen visibility/accessibility can now be controled with greater flexibility that individual page can be granted with different security role(s).

  • Fixed some minor bugs and improved few fool proof issues to make IntegraXor more friendlier for new users.

  • Lots of other features and UI enhancements to be introduced later or you can discover it yourself by downloading the beta now!