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  • How to insert raster image (JPEG /PNG) into SVG using Inkscape

    Most of the time, when creating a HMI screen, we are required to include company logo or relevant images. These images are mainly in raster form, normally saved as JPEG or PNG file format. Since Ecava IGX SCADA uses SVG for HMI screens, inserting raster images into the SVG is never a problem by using […]

  • Best SVG image size for SCADA mimic

    IGX equipped with a wonderful feature that auto fit any image with various sizes or resolutions into any screen/monitor during runtime. This gets rid of the painful trouble that traditional SCADA had to redraw the mimic when different sizes of monitor or resolutions are being applied at site. Since you already have such luxury, why […]

  • Optimize Inkscape SVG files

    SVG graphic files that produced by Inkscape can be further optimized by removing some editing data and spaces which will be ignored by or have less impact to the targeted medium, most of the time, browsers. Now you may do that easily by choosing “Optimized SVG” file type upon “Save As” (Ctrl+Shift+S). Another pop up […]