Month: March 2011

  • Security Issue SQL Unauthenticated Vulnerability Note

    Earlier we announced that SQL vulnerability issue has been resolved by adding Read/Write security control onto database configuration, however the security researcher Dan Rosenberg from VSR claimed that the vulnerability is not fully patched. We were forced to put this issue aside as we have putting on hold too many other features request earlier, and […]

  • IntegraXor 3.60.4040 dated 09 Mar 11 Change Log

    We have been holding too long on this latest official release, as we were working hard on some stability and security issues. So this release has got no surprises on new features but purely on security and stability improvement. However, if you are looking for new features, check out the beta release which has more […]

  • Running SCADA on iPhone/iPad

    To ensure SCADA mimic can be shown correctly on iPhone or iPad, you must first ensure the SVG graphic can be shown perfectly in Apple Safari, which is the browser used for iPhone/iPad. The screen shot below shown that some SVG gradient effects are not correctly rendered in Safari browser as compared to Firefox, Chrome […]