Month: June 2016

  • IGX Lite: The Low Cost SCADA That Actually Works

    It is true that people are easily amused by gigantic automation projects with large scale operation and tons of devices, compiled together into a fancy SCADA/HMI system. However, we cannot deny the existence of small scale process control operation. The requirement for such automation operation is simple, which is a SCADA system that can achieve […]

  • Unlimited Tag SCADA

    Unlimited tag SCADA pricing is often being used for costing purpose, but also abused by some vendors as sales gimmick. What’s the catch for “unlimited”? You better be alert whenever someone offered you with “unlimited of this and that”, because that could well mean “untested of this and that. We often receive inquiries asking about […]

  • Leanest SCADA System

    The world is growing smaller with the daily development of technologies. It can be assumed that everyone is keen on any small and light gadgets in these days. It is true that industrial automation is more necessarily meant for heavy operation, but as the world has stepped into the machine-driven era, even the simple operation […]