Leanest SCADA System

The world is growing smaller with the daily development of technologies. It can be assumed that everyone is keen on any small and light gadgets in these days. It is true that industrial automation is more necessarily meant for heavy operation, but as the world has stepped into the machine-driven era, even the simple operation will require automated solution. With this in mind, the Ecava IGX team has build the lightest and leanest SCADA system for automation operation using Intel NUC and siemens Logo!8.

The setups are equipped with the following devices and mechanism:
– Ecava IGX -> the SCADA
– Intel NUC -> the server machine
– Siemens LOGO!8 -> the logic module

Ecava IGX build Leanest SCADA with Intel NUC
Meet the Intel NUC mini PC, contributing as server machine in the leanest SCADA system

The setup is to prove Ecava IGX SCADA’s ability to soar even with the simplest back support. Intel NUC is the mini PC invented to show the world that size doesn’t matter. It is the mini sized PC that packed with all the features of a desktop, technical specs may be low but comes with high productivity. Intel NUC (Next Unit Computing) with model number NUC5PGYH is used to establish this project. The basic specifications are as follows:
– Quad Core Intel Pentium Processor
– 2GB memory

Similarly with the concept of mini PC, Siemens LOGO! series is invented for the purpose to support operation with simple control tasks. While LOGO!8 is the completely improved model of the popular LOGO! series. The easy-to-use feature is specially designed for the convenience of simple implementation in different applications. For example, building automation service, mechanical processes, and much more.

The NUC5PGYH is setup to connect to Ecava IGX SCADA and LOGO!8 module via Ethernet connection. The communication protocol is still Profinet (similar with other Siemens PLCs), but the configuration in Project Editor is slightly different. Ecava’s SI (System Integrator) team has studied the LOGO!8 configuration in Siemens TIA Portal software and managed to map them in Ecava IGX, then get the integration up and running to form the complete SCADA system.

The project is configured to run the same complicated project as the one currently running by Ecava server machine, i.e. the DEMO project. By taking this ambitious approach, the setup can also prove that the light-weight Intel NUC5PGYH has the ability to compete with high end server engine despite the small size. As the system is designed for lean operation, data monitoring somehow become one of the main achievable for LOGO!8. Therefore, the daily inspection routine includes the observation of data showcase in either graphical or database table format, or in briefs, trends and reports.

From the accumulated observation, results are analyzed to prove the objective that, Ecava IGX is the leanest SCADA that can perform and behave the same on the bare minimal setup, a combination of Intel NUC5PGYH mini PC and Siemens LOGO!8 module, as compared to advanced high specification server machine. This outcome is aligned with the finding from our customer NICOLA CAMORALI – MEDITERRANEA DI NAVIGAZIONE S.P.A.; ITALY: “The reasons for choosing IntegraXor are more than one. The main is that we need a web server application ‘light’ in term of data exchange because we work upon satellite transmissions. We tested several SCADA systems and it seems that IGX is the one that gives the best results.”

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