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  • Browsers always preserves aspect ratio when resizing raster image in SVG

    It seems that all modern browsers are ignoring the non-proportioned scaling for raster image in SVG file. If you use Inkscape to resize an embeded/linked raster image in an SVG file, you will find that all browsers will render the raster image in the same aspect/dimention ratio as compare to the original image. Apparently only […]

  • Running SCADA on iPhone/iPad

    To ensure SCADA mimic can be shown correctly on iPhone or iPad, you must first ensure the SVG graphic can be shown perfectly in Apple Safari, which is the browser used for iPhone/iPad. The screen shot below shown that some SVG gradient effects are not correctly rendered in Safari browser as compared to Firefox, Chrome […]

  • Color compromiser – 256 bit to 16 bit

    256 colors are not necessary required in most cases. Enter 6 digits (256bit) color code and check out the outcome in 3 digits (16bit). If the difference is acceptable, you can save 3 characters every time a color is used. Type Code Preview 256 bit Color # 16 bit Color #

  • Function, Object, Status.

    Recently we found that Firefox has changed the type of object of a function. Below is the test code: <DOCTYPE HTML> <html xmlns=””> <head> <title>FX function status test</title> </head> <body> <script type=”text/javascript”> function hello() { this.hello = “hello”; = “world”; this.status = “status”;   var txt = this.constructor; txt += this.hello + ” ” […]

  • ‘s’ is short for ‘short’

    Nowadays many gurus and web developers are so obsessed with fast performance web site. One of the common techniques used is to compress almost everything that will deliver through the Internet connections. Other than multimedia data, Internet data is still very much ASCII or text oriented, so it’s very much about shortening the string when […]