IGX Lite: The Low Cost SCADA That Actually Works

Ecava IGX Lite Low Cost SCADA

It is true that people are easily amused by gigantic automation projects with large scale operation and tons of devices, compiled together into a fancy SCADA/HMI system. However, we cannot deny the existence of small scale process control operation. The requirement for such automation operation is simple, which is a SCADA system that can achieve all the purposes with zero burden to bear. Low cost will always be the bonus point, provided that along with the budget price, the system will actually work.

There are many SCADA/HMI who claims to be low cost but yet the price charges strike to unreasonable amount when user requires one more basic feature, such as additional driver protocol, thick/thin client, alarm notification, etc. Imagine you can get the basic package with almost everything you need, at a very cheap price $199, but somehow you have no choice but to buy for one more thick client access (because it is compulsory in your project), and the price has strike to $3,199 or even higher. That would be a deep pain in a budget project, not to mention the imbalance feeling between cheated and betrayed.

In Ecava, we understand the misery. Steps have been taken to measure every user’s need, and thus born the IGX Lite package. IGX Lite is specially dedicated to those who wish to run a small application with a maximum of 128 I/O per protocol. Note that the difference with others, that we support multiple driver protocols in even this Lite package. The features of IGX Lite are listed as follows, or you can refer our pricing page.


  • Server runtime license: 32, 64 or 128 I/O
  • Protocol: ALL (including Modbus, OPC, Profinet, etc.)
  • Thin Client: Up to 2 remote thin clients – browser
  • Thick client: Up to 2 thick clients – kioskit
  • User account: 1
  • Alarm notification: Yes
  • App. platform: 32 bit
  • O.S. platform: 32 bit
  • Database: MS SQL & PostgreSQL
  • Historian log: 1 month

Technical support may be one of the concerns for users. Although IGX Lite package doesn’t come with direct technical support, but fear not because there are always sufficient support materials available on the internet and IGX website, as well as the User Guide that comes along with the installation for free. There are even multiple topics of SCADA training given by using Ecava IGX, provided free for public.

Basically, other than the above mentioned features, user can also opt for additional modules such as Service Mode, or even direct technical support, with a budget price still. Rest assure that our promise is always the same, no sky high strike in price for IGX Lite. The main reason for user to shop for each feature/module is to avoid buying a bloated package which will cause unnecessary burden to the system, as well as paying money for unwanted features. By choosing IGX Lite, your system will be light and clean as it only runs what you need, and thus ensuring the stability and reliability. Since the objective is to serve a small scale application, the top priority will be to compile a low cost SCADA which is lean and fast and actually works.

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