IntegraXor 3.71.4187 dated 24 Dec 2011 Change Log – SQL Driver

Unlike many SCADA system only supports proprietary database system, IntegraXor once again open up another channel to integrate with external database system via SQL Driver. This driver is a little special as it’s not communicating with hardware devices but to a rational SQL database system that supports ODBC, by associating a specific database table column with a real-time I/O tag.

User only require to enter a very simple syntax to query the database, the same syntax can be used to query across any databases with ODBC driver, so user only need to learn once for all. Furthermore, user can choose to enter the syntax directly or use the built-in builder to click through a few options to compose the needed syntax. Download this gift that we managed to wrap in the very last minute before long holiday. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!