Migrating Older Version of IGX Project to Version 4

Below are several main areas that you shall take note to upgrade to version 4.

  • Tagname – It shall comply to standard JavaScript naming convention. Most notifically, it shall not start by a number. This restriction was added in favor of highly demanded feature, Tag Expression. The quicker way to do this is to export csv from previous project, then do a find & replace, then import back to new version. You may also need to do find & replace for tagname within SVG text file as well.
  • Menu – We are getting rid of all coding oriented configuration in stages, the first one is menu.js is superceded by direct menu configuration within Project Editor. Editing menu.js will not give any effect after version 4 but it was kept for backward compatibility only.

  • System Folder – System folder within project directory no longer needed. This is to get rid of compatibility issue between front-end to back-end for any system update. However, you may still override the built in version system folder manually by putting back a specific version of system folder that you preferred.

Do contact support should you have other problem while upgrading.