IntegraXor 4.00.4250.0 dated 05 Oct 2012 Change Log

The long waited version 4 has finally released, after version 1 been born 10 years ago. The list of added & improved features and bug fixes are too long and was partly revealed earlier so we will only summarize them as below.

  • Security with extreme versatility.
  • SMS alarm output.
  • Multiple redundancies.
  • Ethernet IP driver for Alan Bradley PLCs.
  • Crossed domain Logic Expression.
  • Virtual system path that allows a project to run without needing any .\system sub folder within project main folder.
  • menu.js no longer in used in Version 4, it’s kept there for backward compatibility purpose only. Screen menu must be configured via Project Editor, which is now could restrict non-authorized personnel to access certain pages based on login ID and location.
  • To allow user to get things started easier, the demo project is now being distributed together with installer.
  • Project Editor enhanced with Cross Reference and Go to Definition to ease the maintenance work for huge chunk of tags.
  • Project Editor now allows multiple column sort, and columns can be fully customized by hiding certain rarely used column and auto fit with content for very much better visibility.

    Note that columns are nicely fit, some unused columns in some projects can be hidden. Moreover, the data can be sorted by multiple columns like the screen shot shown, 2 up arrow icons for ascending sort in both “Type” & “Address”.
  • Properties box is now comes with nicer interface that allows user to resize column, and also to dock the property box on the far right just like previous version, as well as at the bottom for wider perpective. This shall allow engineers at site to work comfortably with any kind of wide/narrow monitors.