IntegraXor 4.00.4300.0 dated 06 May 2013 Change Log

We have done quite a fair bit of maintenance releases and we didn’t add much features recently, as we were focusing on improving speed and stability. The good news is our driver developers are still adding in major protocols into our driver list.

  • Optimize driver, when a tag is not being used in any task nor being displayed, it will not be polled to remove unnecessary traffic. And also allowing parallel polling/writing on applicable devices.
    Credit: Nathan; U.S..
  • Added Profinet protocol.
  • Added EthernetIP protocol.
  • Added Trap function into SNMP protocol.
    credit: Viktor; Hong Kong.
  • Enabled Modbus Slave support.
  • Added time stamp to alarm Email output.
  • Improved SQL pagination & Oracle database interface.
    credit: Adrian; Singapore
  • More appealing trending viewer with multiple Y-Axis.
    credit: Ilpo; Finland.
  • Added substration function into report module.
    credit: Adrian; Singapore
  • Fixed persistence bug that unable to save upon restarting.
    credit: Tanel H.; Estonia.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Improved web server security.

Photo credit: “Alonso Renault Pitstop Chinese GP 2008” by Bert van Dijk