IntegraXor 4.1.4450.0 Change Log


A highly demanded SCADA feature, faceplate has made available in this pure web SCADA using all W3C compliant technologies. An innovative technique has been used to assure no compatibility issues between versions while upgrade. We believe “no interface is the best interface” in keeping things simple, and it was challenging to create a feature without additional interface. And Faceplate was made available completely using existing user interface: CLONE & OPEN.

You won’t notice the availability of faceplate feature unless you have been following this blog. If you have been using CLONE in the past, you might be thrilled & appreciated how innovative is Faceplate being designed to work seemlessly with existing features/interfaces. All you need to do is to put the dynamic tag (with replacement param %) into an external SVG file (instead of internally into grouped graphic object) to work as faceplate, and configure the SVG file into OPEN animation with “New window” destination so it will pop up. We may change the text of CLONE to FACEPLATE simply to make user aware of the new feature.

Apart from faceplate, more optimizations have been done in varios aspects like I/O, memory pagination to database query. And many improvements & enhancement on security aspects, inclusive of removal of project path from web access. Some of the security features have been covered in previous vuln report. Also not forgetting some bug fixes are included in this release. Last but not least, we have made clearer & more descriptive messages in server status log. More features will be introduced in the next release note, so do add this blog into your RSS feed to keep yourself updated.

  • Added QR code for easy snap & view SCADA on your smart devices.
    credit: Faiz; MY.
  • Faceplate has made available.
    credit: Pakamon; TH.
  • Added dynamic alarm deadband.
    credit: Mellisa; AU.
  • Import/Export optimization.
    credit: Richard; MY.
  • Database optimization.
    credit: Adrian; SG.
  • Report optimization.
    credit: Johshua; MY.
  • I/O thread & memory optimization.
    credit: Adrian; SG & Jukka; FI.
  • Improved OPC driver loading in Project Editor.
    credit: Randy; US.

hrum, inky2010 & rg1024