SCADA Vulnerability/Security Issues

Crossing 2011 seems to be quite challenging for IntegraXor team in handling security issues. However we are very glad that several security researcher are helping us in finding security vulnerability and even help us to verify the patched release when the loophole is fixed. We wish to thank them and also Kevin, Kathy & Bryan from Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) who have been very helpful and responsible in verifying and coordinating.

In fact it was our original idea to invite white hat hackers to find any vulnerability in IntegraXor SCADA, as we don’t believe security in obscurity. Now that so many excellence security researchers come by and we truly welcome them, and we are very pleased that we could response and patch the vulnerability within very fast time frame. Thanks to the development team who have carefully designed the well structured architecture that could be easily improved and maintained.

SCADA Vulnerability Alerts

Having done and said that, we do not always response fast to security issues that we may otherwise judge not severe, especially some vulnerability issues that required physical present of the attacker. Some security issues will also take us longer time to fix when it involves different GUI design as we concern a lot on user friendliness. Also we will have concern on compatibility impact as we wish to ensure previously developed project can be easily upgraded to latest release so that the attacker will not be interested to develop any malware targeting older versions of IntegraXor.

We wish to thank everyone again in making IntegraXor Web SCADA to become more secure than ever.