Version Mismatched in Support Information

If you have ever checked for application version from “Support Information” in Add or Remove Programs applet (or Version column in Programs or Features applet in Vista or above), you may noticed some applications (including IntegraXor) have mismatched version number displayed here compared to the one in their respective binaries. This is because the Windows fetches the version from the application installer. If the application installer reports a different version than the version compiled into the binaries, or worst, if the application installer does not report a version at all, then you see a mismatch.

IntegraXor binaries and installer are developed using Visual Studio, the binaries version string is in MM.NN.BB.RR ( format, while Installer project only allow version string in MM.NN.BB ( format. This caused the version mismatch in IntegraXor “About Box” and in “Add or Remove Programs” applet.

Versioning scheme is not as simple as incrementing numbers, there are quite some aspects to be considered as well to ensure it’s systematic and consistent. In order to ensure the About Box version is matched with Support Information pop up, we will now start with version string of MM.NN.BBBR.0 ( format, and BBB will be used for stable release and R will be used for beta numbering. Stable release will always have trialling zero for R and Beta release will have incremental number from the last stable release.

For example:
3.60.4011.0 -> beta
3.60.4012.0 -> beta
3.60.4013.0 -> beta
3.60.4020.0 -> stable
3.60.4021.0 -> beta
3.60.4022.0 -> beta
3.60.4030.0 -> stable
… …