IntegraXor 3.60.4080 dated 09 May 2011 Change Log

It has been quite a while since the last official release, lots of works have been done on Alarm output.

  1. + Added option to set email encoding in “UTF-8” or “US-ASCII”.
  2. + Added email subject (title) which is customizable based on tokenized string like screen shot.
  3. + Allow two types of alarm messages, one for Active Alarm and another for Inactive Alarm. To configure this, add %|% as separator in Message column.
  4. + Alarm message also supports tokens: %value% and %old_value% (or %compare_value%), %compare1_value% and %compare2_value%.%value% is the current value of the tag for the alarm. %old_value% (or %compare_value%) is the limit 1 in alarm setting. %compare1_value% and %compare2_value% is limit 1 and limit 2 in alarm setting. Some tokens actually share the same value in some cases.

    For numeric values, user can specify how many decimal point to display, by adding a .N inside the token, e.g. %value.N%, %old_value.N%, etc.

  5. ^ Fixed alarm export/import bug that missed out Deadband column.
  6. ^ Faster copy paste and duplicate rows in editor for large scale project.
  7. ^ Miscellaneous security and bug fixes.