Enabling WEB SCADA interface for Wonderware

It’s common to know that traditional SCADA can be very pricey when you need to add a little features here and there upon customers’ request. In case you need to work on any traditional SCADA and wish to incorporate some beautiful and affordable features in IGX, you could just use Web Client to house IGX with ActiveX Control. As such this is the guide showing you how to embed IGX into Wonderware Intouch, you could probably do the same with other traditional SCADA using the same concept.

  • Installing Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Control

First, open the Wizard/ActiveX installation by going to the Special menu. Next, select Configure and select Wizard/ActiveX Installation. A Wizard/ActiveX Installation popup will appear and click on the ActiveX Control Installation tab. Under Available Active controls, look for Microsoft Web Browser and click Install.

  • Inserting Web Explorer into project

Click on the Wizard tool icon to open the Wizard Selection Tool. Next, look for Explorer under ActiveX Controls and click OK.

  • Adding a button to open an IGX project web address

First, create a button. Double-click to open the animation link and click Action. Then, click Insert ActiveX Control icon to bring up the ActiveX Control Browser. Under Control Name, select the correct ActiveX object name if more than one exist. Under Method/Property, select Navigate (“String”,“Pointer”,“Pointer”,“Pointer”,“Pointer”) and click OK.

Next, change the parameters by replacing “String” with the target URL.

  • Changing the version of Internet Explorer (IE)

Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX is by default registered in IE 7 Standards mode. There will be javascript errors if user tries to open IGX project link without changing the IE version first. To change the version, open RegEdit and navigate to the following registry key:

For 32-bit system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

For 64-bit system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\MAIN\FeatureControl\

Next, create two DWord entries named “vm.exe” and “view.exe”. Then set both entries as decimal base with value data of 11000. This will tell the Microsoft Web Browser control to switch its’ emulation to IE 11.

For more info regarding browser emulation, visit Microsoft Internet Feature Controls.

  • Testing your project

Below is the sample screen of how the project looks in run mode. IGX has been embedded successfully in Wonderware Intouch by using Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX function.