How to make Portable SCADA to run on flash drive?

Portable edition means no installation needed. This is very common in the old days, but not anymore especially for large and complex program like SCADA.

In fact, there are many SCADA out there which requires complicated installation processes, such that to have the list of prerequisites installed first, then follow by core engine, front-end, etc. And you may need up to hours just to get the SCADA installed in your machine.

Nevertheless, Ecava IGX developers have spent a great effort by following Microsoft’s good practice and uses modern development tool for latest version of Windows, so the SCADA can work without registry entry, installing DLL and other unnecessary dependencies. There are too many benefits to make a program portable. Below are some we feel particularly true for SCADA environment.

  • You could run your SCADA on portable drive like flash drive on any PC without needing to install.
  • You could quickly try out certain version without going through the installation process.
  • You could try out different O.S. or environment to confirm your SCADA will work correctly.
  • You could have few versions running side-by-side without uninstall and reinstallation.
  • You could conduct quick test on site when no system admin right is granted.

Getting a portable SCADA is very easy after version 6, all you need to do is to copy the whole Program folder. You may call it portable edition right away and start running it anywhere. A SCADA typically store its configuration into the project itself, except some minor U.I. like column width will be stored in registry.

For any older version than 6.0, on top of copying the program folder, you just need to deploy Microsoft C++ runtime, which is a free Redistributable Package to install on target machine.

To avoid this hassle, you may simply go to Ecava IGX SCADA Download page to grab the latest copy and start making one portable SCADA for yourself!

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