How do we pronounce IntegraXor?

We were asked for too many times so it’s better we write a post about this topic. Before answering this question, we need to explain why this SCADA was named IntegraXor. When we started in year 2000, we were calling this SCADA system as Integrator, because firstly it was meant for System Integrator, and then the system really integrated few elements together, namely Browser, Database, I/O Devices as well as many miscellaneous libraries. That’s why you can see 4 arrows pointing into one circle in the product logo design.

However, the word Integrator is too common that we can’t get the website nor we can apply trademark for it. So we decided to add the X-factor by twisting the letter ‘t’ into ‘X’, that’s how Integrator being transformed into IntegraXor. So we pronounced it as “integraxer”.

We heard some users wrongly called it “integrax”, or “integrax-sor”, it’s funny that some users have difficulty in pronouncing, but some users just pronounced it smoothly awithout any issue. And then our users in Hong Kong simply used the project file extension *.igx as the abbreviation, and start calling it IGX. We found that this is appropriate and happily accepted “IGX” as official abbreviation. So how did you pronounce “IntegraXor”?