How to upgrade SCADA without disruption?

Ecava IGX comes with two types of distribution, one is standard MSI installer, added since 2014 is another portable package which you can run out of the box. This mean you can unzip the distribution and carry around in your USB drive or access from virtually anywhere via fast network, as well as many many other benefits that you can discover.

Now we wish to highlight one of the advantages of having portable edition, whereby you can test drive the latest version, get the portable version authorized, ensure everything runs well before you uninstall the old version. This way you can perform your upgrade with the least disruption to the existing licensed version.

Ecava IGX licensed allows you to have free upgrade within 1 year after purchase. After that you may still purchase version upgrade with major version jump for more benefits and better performance or stability.

To avoid disrupting the existing licensed version, you don’t have to and should not uninstall existing version. But you may use latest portable distribution to run side-by-side and get the new version authorized and start your monitoring.

You may use product key to do online authorization or generate ILR file for offline from the targeted machine. You just need to ensure the latest version can be successfully authorized first. After confirming everything is well with new installation, then you may uninstall the previous version.

IGX could be the first SCADA that offered portable distribution, or have you heard any other SCADA did that since 2014? It’s a big effort for IGX technical team to produce portable distribution for such a complex SCADA system, so do go to download page and choose your portable distribution to enjoy the benefits. And simply write to support if you want different version than the official version from the standard download link.

Image Credit: LiquidSnake