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  • Using VB Script in SCADA

    Good news to those who used to program in VBS, Ecava IGX Script engine now supports VB (Visual Basic). To start to write your scripts using VB language in IGX Project Editor, simply save your script with the extension of *.VBS. Other than standard VBS functions and math operations, Ecava IGX comes with a few […]

  • Meaningful Version String that Reflects Release Date

    We used to have problem to associate the release date for certain build numbers. The old version format before version 5 is like MM.NN.bbbb.x, this is the format that supported by Microsoft MSI. It is straightforward, whereby MM is major number, NN is minor number, bbbb is build number that keep on increasing. The last […]

  • 8 Reasons why you should use Ecava Kiosk-it

    1. Protection Keyboard are locked from exiting or closing the application, even pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+F4 will require user’s credential. Other than preventing interruption, Kiosk-it restricts non relevant user access as well as transferring suspicious data to your system or devices. 2. Low price Ecava Kiosk-it is selling only at the lowest price, that assures […]

  • SCADA and MES

    What is MES (Manufacturing Execution System)? As the name suggests, MES is mostly implemented for manufacturing systems. The purposes of MES are mainly for report production as well as document processes such as goods records, receipts, maintenance, scheduling, etc. For example, in a manufacturing operation, SCADA plays the main role of process control, while MES […]

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Ecava IGX

    Ecava IGX Web SCADA is a fully functional solution with high performance native drivers, developed based on standard web technologies with adopted Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) to enable lossless view on HMI mimic. Ecava IGX is the leading web SCADA that supported more than 80% of the mostly used Ethernet drivers and had its first […]

  • SAGE has migrated to Inkscape 0.91

    Everybody seems happy with Inkscape 0.48.4 SAGE 4.14, and didn’t bother to request us to migrate to the Inkscape 0.91, which launched more than a year ago. Anyhow, we still feel there’s a need to keep up with the latest repository to ensure you can enjoy the most out of SAGE. If you take a […]

  • IGX Lite: The Low Cost SCADA That Actually Works

    It is true that people are easily amused by gigantic automation projects with large scale operation and tons of devices, compiled together into a fancy SCADA/HMI system. However, we cannot deny the existence of small scale process control operation. The requirement for such automation operation is simple, which is a SCADA system that can achieve […]

  • Leanest SCADA System

    The world is growing smaller with the daily development of technologies. It can be assumed that everyone is keen on any small and light gadgets in these days. It is true that industrial automation is more necessarily meant for heavy operation, but as the world has stepped into the machine-driven era, even the simple operation […]

  • 10 JavaScript best practices for SCADA backend

    Our youngest programmer MH just shared his thought about writing JavaScript for SCADA backend. He’s pretty observant and the ideas are straightforward. That said, JavaScript is so much fun to use in SCADA as compare to Basic-like language found in many traditional SCADA. Visual Basic is marked for death, and JavaScript is now and future. […]

  • We have moved near to a train station

    We love to work efficiently and hate to get stuck in traffic, neither our visitor like to, so coming to our office will now have the alternative mean: by train. Please take note of our new business address and contact number: 97-2, Jalan BK 5a/2, Puchong 47180 Selangor MALAYSIA +603-8080 4838 Note that Jalan BK5a/1 […]

  • Happy Holidays!

    The multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Malaysian loves holidays, so much so that the states with least holidays will still enjoy 16 days annually.  However, you may still feel you get your inquiry responded in almost every business day in your country, because our committed support members will still sign in voluntarily to respond to you during their […]

  • Need Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode with exit keys locked down?

    In some environment, it is highly desirable for the terminal to be locked down and only display the desired interface for the user without the user being able to tamper with any other aspects of the terminal. This holds true not only in the industrial environment (terminals in the form of HMI) but also in […]

  • ODBC Connection String Troubleshooting Guide

    Provider=MSDASQL;Password=password;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=postgres;Extended Properties=”Driver={PostgreSQL UNICODE};Server=;Port=5432;Database=postgres;” This is a typical Connection String for PostgresQL and this guide will use it as the sample but the concept of this guide can be extended to other ODBC database. You may encounter error here and there in Connection String while installing or customizing database. Below are some steps […]

  • IntegraXor SCADA Money Back Guarantee

    If the IntegraXor product that you have purchased did not meet your expectations, we will honor the IntegraXor Money-back Guarantee and refund your money. The guarantee and its terms and conditions are clearly detailed here and you are welcomed to contact us should you have any specific queries with regards to this. Customer is allowed […]

  • IntegraXor 3.6.4000.0 dated 17 Dec 2010 Change Log

    + Added most waited innovative report module, allowing one time layout configuration for both display and printout at one go. + Added setSql() and getSql() for more convenient database interactions. + Added table import/export function for faster data entry work. + Added OPC server into standard release. ^ PE save tables based on proper dependency […]